Corporate Philosophy

Basic Management Policy

We will aim to achieve sustainable growth by creating value in collaboration with shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and local communities.
As a film solution partner, we will construct production, sales and research and development structures that are best suited to a wide variety of customers to increase profits and continuously expand business without being affected by market fluctuations.
We will develop higher value-added products whose environmental and functional aspects differentiate them and expand sales of these products overseas to capture the growth of the Asian market.
To actively invest in human resources and facilities, we will strive to build a solid revenue base that opens the way for reinvestment and set the targets of increasing operating income and operating income margin.
We will carry out management with a focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I) with a labor-management collaboration policy based on a harmonious relationship between labor and management to create a safe workplace environment. We will improve employees' motivation and engagement with the organization to expand additional value and increase productivity.


This logo symbolizes our business and our vision for sustainable growth into the future. The design incorporates the company’s initials, "R," "M," and "T." The film roll, the symbol of our business, is drawn in a supple curve, and the wish for the growth and advancement of the company and its employees is expressed in the shape of an extended wing in the upper right. The red of passion (RM Red) and the green of coexistence with the global environment (RM Green) vividly merge into each other, taking flight as one, embracing great ideals.