ECONEIGE (Milky-white BOPP film)

ECONEIGE™ (Milky-white BOPP film)

This is a beautiful, pure snow-white film. Diffusing light on the ultra-thin layer of air created inside the film gives it a white finish that printing just can't deliver. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing package. We were the first in Japan to commercialize milky-white BOPP film. The product is used for labeling and office automation applications as well.


Frozen desserts, instant noodles, frozen foods, rice balls, sweet buns, sundry goods, stationary, adhesive tape, etc.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Corona Sealability Features/Applications
Milky white grade NW-2 30 Both sides Milky white color
Corona treatment on both sides
NV-1 30,40 Insides Outside Milky white color
Single-side heat sealability
Inside is printable

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