MAXBARRIER (Transparent high-barrier film)

MAXBARRIER™ (Transparent high-barrier film)

Applying our unique vapor deposition and coating technologies to the base PET film, we made this transparent film with outstanding barrier performance that's as good as aluminum foil.
MAXBARRIER picks up where aluminum foil leaves off to meet a variety of different needs, like inspecting for foreign substances with a metal detector, microwaving packaged contents, or checking the contents without opening the package.

  • Maintains oxygen barrier performance in high-humidity environment
  • Boil and retort ready *
    * Please confirm the content and sterilization condition in advance.


Retort-pouch foods, medical supplies, electronic products, etc.

MAXBARRIER™ Applications
Unit Measurement Conditions R Type
Oxygen permeability ml/m2・d・MPa
20℃ 0%RH 0.8(0.08)
20℃ 90%RH 0.8(0.08)
Water vapor permeability g/m2・d 40℃ 90%RH 0.3
Lamination peel strength N/15mm 90° 2.0
180° 2.0
  • Composition: MAXBARRIER #12//TUX FCS #50
  • Adhesive: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. A310/A3 3g/m2
  • While the figures here are typical values, your figures could vary.

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