ML (Aluminum-metallized film)

ML (Aluminum-metallized film)

ML is our long-time favorite line of films to which aluminum is vacuum deposited on one side. These films demonstrate outstanding barrier performance against water vapor and gases. In addition to retaining aroma and blocking light, their glossy aluminum surface make them look sensational. Base film materials can be chosen from PP, PE, PET, and more.


Packaging for snacks, frozen food, traditional Japanese sweets and pastries, frozen desserts, dried or pickled hors d'oeuvres, coffee, etc.

Type Product Thickness
(in µm)
Corona Features/Applications
CP grade CP WT 20,(25) General purpose
CP grade CP WS 25,40 General purpose
TUX grade TUX-F 25,30,50 Metalized TUX-F grade film
OP grade OP 102 25 Outside Metalized, corona-treated, BOPP film side
HCOP 25,30 Metalized BOPP film featuring single-sided
heat sealability
PET grade PET 12 Outside Metalized PET
PET-C 12 Outside ML PET with a strong aluminum bond
Perlite (PL) processing After printing on a metalized film (ML), the deposited aluminum
is partially removed.
Please check with us before using CP and TUX-F grades.
  • (1) We recommend dry lamination for grades other than PET, since some lamination methods may impair film performance.
  • (2) If ether adhesive agents produce too weak a laminate bond for TUX-F, try an ester adhesive agent.
  • (3) Please check with your ink supplier about which ink types to use with perlite (PL) products.

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